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My name is Ewa Larsson. I breed and show Bulldogs under affix Britisher Show Bulldogs. I am situated in Canterbury, England. My kennel was established in 1992.


My bulldogs live with me inside my house and are raised in a loving environment as one of the family. I believe this approach is reflected in the behaviour of my dogs. Health, a correct temperament and dogs of the highest quality are my goal.


Between Spring 2006 and Autum 2015, I was serving as a committee member on the Bulldog Club Inc committee. The Bulldog Club Inc is the oldest Bulldog club in the world, and holds the prestigious Bulldog of the Year Show.


I am a Bulldog Breed Specialist Judge currently on “ B” list.

My affix “ Britisher” is derived from a noun Brit•ish•er which stands for: “An Englishman- a subject or inhabitant of Great Britain”.


Since 2001, I work as a graphic and web designer/ developer.

Please feel free to visit my websites.



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Editor and Designer.

From January 2015 to present date.

Ewa Larsson

Publisher. Editor. Designer.

Breed specialist judge. Breeder.

Phone: +44 7713 586600


Canterbury, United Kingdom


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